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The project manual is presented to the project participants at the first meeting (kick off meeting).

Due to the tight schedule on projects, we usually do not have time to create this document the way we really want to. At the request of the employer we submit, during the tender, a version from the previous project that is only slightly updated. So, use the period between two projects, when you have the time, and create your project manual that will be the one you really need.

I have not done that yet, but when I do, the project manual will contain the following:

- description of the project organization, project participants, time schedule,
- communication matrix, who addresses whom, how mail subjects are written, who puts in cc
- project archive on the cloud, cloud structure and file names (in order to avoid documents named: untitled.pdf, monthly.pdf, dynamics.pdf, etc.)
- Health & Safety measures to be applied,
organization of quality control and form of checklists for quality control of performed works,
- measures for maintaining the project budget, procedures if something that affects the project budget appears,
- rules for making short-term and long-term Time Schedule,
- forms of contractors' monthly, weekly and daily reports,
- forms for submitting the submittals, requests for information (RFI), request for change of the design (RFC) as well as the forms of logs of these documents

January, 2021