Usually are held weekly. They can be called Site meetings, Coordination meetings, Weekly management meetings or similar. They are held on a certain day of the week, always at the same time, for the entire duration of the project. Meeting invitations should not be sent every week, because it is assumed that participants are required to attend meetings from the beginning to the end of the project.

The meetings should be attended by a representative of the Employer, the Chief Supervisor, a representative of the General Contractor, major contractors (if the project is not contracted with one contractor) and the Design Manager. When the works on the installations start, the responsible contractors for mechanical and electrical installations and supervisors for those works should be present.

I try to avoid having a lot of people at weekly meetings, so I carefully make the choices who I invite to attend. For me, the goal of the weekly meetings is to distribute the tasks to the project participants through the minutes of the meeting (which remains as a written document). You should write minutes of these meetings by yourself and distribute them to all participants and CEO of contractors and designers. Don’t burden the minutes with facts you’ll never need.

The agenda for the meetings can be as follows:
- approving the minutes from previous meeting
- H&S (Health and Safety) - this topic must be given priority; the contractor should be emphasized that this is the most important issue on the construction site,
- General documents - permits, consents of utility companies, documentation related to state institutions and local authorities. Care should be taken not to forget the obligations towards local authorities because these are organizations that have their own procedures and that any response on their part takes time. Therefore, carefully reconsider that you do not fail to ensure consents on execution design, ordering supervision, signing contracts for connection to the infrastructure etc.
- Design status - all issues related to design
- Progress of works and Time Schedule - issues related to the execution of works with special attention on Time Schedule,
- Miscellaneous - everything that does not belong to the above topics and relates mainly to the execution of works.

Meetings should not last longer than one hour. Design and construction issues should not be discussed at meetings too long. At these meetings, open issues should be listed and determined who should resolve them.

Do not allow issues raised in meetings to be discussed only on the day of the meeting. If the meetings are held on Wednesday, then call the participants on Friday and ask if they have resolved the issues they were in charge of. Then again on Monday. The job of the Project Manager is to constantly push and constantly remind...

Be careful not to forget open issues. I always keep my "to do" list. Simple word file. The younger generations are probably using an application. Everything I cannot finish immediately I write in this file. When I finish something, I delete it from the list, so the "to do" list is always updated.

January, 2021
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