Submittal process

It is common for the materials and equipment to be installed on the project to be approved through the Submittal process. What it means? This means that the contractor will submit a request to the Project manager before ordering any material (ceramic tiles, parquet, carpet, etc.) or equipment (ventilation chamber, fire station, sanitary facilities, diesel generator, pumps, etc.). The request is in the form of a Submittal and it contains the technical characteristics and possibly a sample, by specific manufacturer and for a specific product.

The form of Submittal is mostly the same on all projects. The Submittal form contains the following information:
- mark (B - building, M - mechanical, E - electrical) and number of submittal, date of submission, date of return to the contractor;
- position number of materials and equipment in BoQ or technical specification
- description of materials and equipment, name of the manufacturer, type (code),
- comment of the designer, supervisor and Project Manager

What is the submittal process for? The design do not specify the manufacturers in order to avoid favouring a certain company. In tender phase the contractor offers materials and equipment from the manufacturer with whom he usually cooperates. It is good if someone else on the project checks whether the contractor has offered a product that is equivalent to the designed product. It is best if it is evaluated by the designer, who will first answer to submittal (of course, the last word is given by Project Manager). Therefore, it is good to agree with the designers at the time of contracting the designing that it is designer’s obligation to check the contractor’s submittals. It could be included in scope of design supervision. For materials such as ceramic adhesive, waterproofing, valves, cables, approval may be given by the Project Management or supervision team.

The submittal process is a big job for Project management team, it can be about 100 building submittals, 150 mechanical submittals and the same number of electrical submittals on a complex project. Someone has to review it, forward it to the designers and supervisors, return it to the contractor, update the submittal log ...

Contractors should be constantly reminded that at the end they are responsible for the quality of works performed and the functioning of the system. The fact that the material or equipment is approved by an Employer representative does not release him from liability for the final result. 

Procurement plan

The Procurement Plan help us to monitor whether all materials and equipment have been ordered on time. It should contain a list of important materials and equipment that need to be procured and installed on the project. It is similar to the submittal list, so the submittal list can be used for a procurement plan. Experience has taught me that the completion of a project is usually delayed because some of the materials and equipment were not ordered on time and not because there are not enough workers on the construction site or for some other reason.

January, 2021
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