During the participation in various projects, as a Project Manager or Supervisory team leader, I had the opportunity to use different Technical Specifications related to architectural and finishing works.

Whether the Technical Specifications were made by designers or investor, they can be overburdened with facts that do not have practical use on the project. On the other hand, very often, even in huge technical specifications I was not able to find what I really needed.

I must say that I fully understand that writing technical specifications is not easy. For the development of technical specifications, designers should be familiar with construction materials and experienced in the execution of works.

My intention is to publish articles on these pages that will help architects to write detailed and  precise technical specifications, but without any redundant information that would unnecessarily burden the participants in the projects. Please have in mind that they are not ready-made specifications that can be copied-paste. If you use the information published on this website, please carefully review and correct them according to the needs of your projects.

Good luck,

SiniĊĦa Vuckovic, architect