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Born in 1967, I graduated from Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade (Serbia).

I started my professional career in company "Putevi" in Russia. From 1996 to 2001 I have been engaged in the designing and construction of several projects (International airport - Nizhnevartovsk, Residence "Dacha No. 1" in Moscow Oblast, Hotel Zeleni Gaj -Tuapse, Hotels with health centers "Dolina Narzanov" - Essentuki and "Chernomore" - Sochi).

After returning to Belgrade, I have worked in "BM Consulting" for seven years, with Miloš Boškovic, one of the most successful project managers from "Energoprojekt", leading construction company in former Yugoslavia. We worked with the following clients: "IN Hotel" - Belgrade, "Volvo trucks", "Hotel Moskva" - Belgrade, "Tahal" Serbia etc.

On 2009, I started to work as a freelancer on various projects as Supervisory Engineer and/or Cost Manager. On the project of reconstruction of the hotel "InterContinental" into the hotel "Crowne Plaza" in Belgrade, in the period from 2012 to 2014, I was engaged by companies "Boyden" and "Duodec" from Belgrade as a Leader of Supervision Team.

Cooperation with Boyden continued in the following period on the projects “Generali” Office Building in Belgrade, “Kibid" Office Building in Zemun and “Aviv Park” (Zvezdara, Belgrade). In the period 2015 to 2017, I was Project Management Team Leader on the project of “InterContinental” hotel in Ljubljana. In 2017 we have started a new project in Ljubljana - IKEA Store.

You can contact me by email below.

Siniša Vuckovic
A good engineer is one who knows the answer to the question “how”, but also to the question “why”. - K. Martinkovic