This website is about the development of technical specifications in Execution Architectural Designs.

Technical specifications are an integral part of Execution design. They specify in detail the materials and equipment that will be installed in the building. The technical specifications also describe the way in which works will be carried out and how the works will be controlled. They are very important for all parties involved in any project, for Investors, Contractors, Supervisors, Consultants etc. as they specify what the Investor wants, what the Contractor should offer and what is expected of the Supervisory Team.

Writing technical specifications is not easy. For the development of technical specifications, designers should be familiar with construction materials and equipment and experienced in the execution of works.

My intention is to publish texts on these pages that will help architects to write detailed, precise and comprehensive technical specifications, but without any redundant information that would unnecessarily burden the participants in the projects.

If you use the information published on this website, please carefully review and correct them according to the needs of your projects.

Finally, this website has been published in the Serbian language since 2010, and I am looking forward to publishing them in the English language in the upcoming period.

With best regards,

SiniĊĦa Vuckovic, architect

"Knowledge is the only authority on the building site" - M. Stevovic
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from the perspective of Project Manager