We would like you to share with us your experiences from the construction sites 

Our colleagues, architects who chose to deal with designing, can follow what is happening in the world of architecture around the world on many web portals. They can easily find layouts of constructed buildings, photos, information about installed materials…

As one of the architects who deals with the construction of facilities (project management and supervision), I follow these portals, but I can very rarely find information about the construction process, who represented the interests of investors, how the project management team was organized, whether the construction works contracted with one or more contractors, whether the contract was lump sum, measurement contract or design and build, what was the time schedule, whether there were any delays on the project (and why), whether the project was performed within the budget (why additional works appeared), what were the biggest challenges and how they were solved, etc.

Sharing this information could help us to compare our experiences with the experiences of other colleagues and to improve our knowledge.

On this web site I wrote a few words about that how the InterContinental Hotel and the Furniture & home furnishing store in Ljubljana were built (and I plan to add texts about some older projects in Belgrade). For any questions feel free to contact me.

Thank you in advance if you send me your experiences, I will post them on this web site.


Sinisa Vuckovic